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Our Services


Hospice care is available to individuals who are nearing the end of life, with the focus on supporting patients and families in making the most of this precious time. The goal of this Medicare Benefit is to help patients be comfortable and remain in their home where they can be surrounded by their loved ones and familiar surroundings. If you have questions about how hospice might be helpful for you or your loved one we can send one of our team to meet with you and help you decide what would best meet your needs.

Palliative Care

At Big Sky Palliative, our goal is simple – to improve your quality of life while living with serious illness. Our team of health care providers work with you to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of chronic disease in alignment with your personal preferences. Palliative care benefits individuals in any home setting, at any point in life, experiencing any type of serious illness, even while seeking curative and life prolonging treatment. We provide the patient, caregivers and loved ones an extra layer of support.